Mitchell, a Ph.D, is a healer and a teacher whose gifts are recognized worldwide. Told he would never walk again, Mitchell's miraculous healing from a near-fatal car accident 30 years ago (in which he sustained over 40 fractures, severed nerves, bone loss and severe internal injuries), made medical history when he regenerated nerve, bone, muscle and organ tissue and fully healed his body.

With the assistance of UCLA Medical Center parapsychology researcher and healer Jack Gray, Mitchell undertook an intensive and extraordinary healing journey that forever changed the meaning and focus of his life. He became Gray's sole apprentice for seven years, learning the art and spirit of nontraditional healing.

Mitchell has since helped thousands in realizing their innate healing potential and rejuvenating their life force. His work is so exceptional that it has been documented and studied by medical researchers and featured in documentaries and periodicals. Mitchell's miraculous work and story serve as a message of hope, inspiration and empowerment to people all around the world—that healing exists within us all.

Mitchell is the founder and CEO of The Synergy Company™. In addition to being a healer, he is an "accidental" businessman who realizes that he can facilitate thousands of people reaching their potential through his work at Synergy and can help transform business into a more humane and sustainable enterprise. All of Synergy's formulas are carefully researched, designed and overseen by Mitchell at their award-winning, wind-powered, state-of-the-art organic production facility. All of their exclusive products reflect his vision of synergy: "A state of being, or condition, in which the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts, because an optimum balance and harmony of those parts has been achieved."

The Synergy Company can be reached at 800-723-0277;

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