Steve's first attempt at C-1 without the "training wheels". There is a lot to be learned from paddling C-1 that can be translated to dragon boat.

The biggest thing that was gleaned from this experience is: drag will kill you. Given that a C-1 blade surface is HUGE, and you're in a position that has a high center of gravity, any amount of drag has drastic effects on the boat.

If the blade is not accelerating through the water and just left to drag, the pressure on the front face of the blade will push the boat over to the non-paddling side.

If the blade gets "stuck" at the back of your stroke (e.g., you pull too far back and the blade angle becomes too negative), the resulting "lifting" of water will pull the boat over to the paddling side.

You don't notice this on a dragon boat. But can you imagine if all 20 people on the boat are dragging? This has a huge effect on hull speed.

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