for electronics, three worklights, and dancer
by Carl Testa
performed by Rachel Bernsen

My work with Rachel over the past few years inspired this piece. I began to think about the possibilities of using lights in a musical way late last year. I was fortunate to get in contact with the German composer Phillip Schulze who has done extensive work with computer controlled lighting and he explained to me what equipment I would need to control the lights from the computer. Luckily I am able to control the lights using the same software that I use to make computer music, SuperCollider. This allows me to treat the lights as another instrument(s). This piece is the culmination of a few aesthetic ideas I have had about sound, light, and movement interacting. I hope to explore these ideas further in the future.

Recorded live by Lou Guarino Jr on 28 May 2010 at The Big Room in New Haven, CT

Software used included SuperCollider, MiniStageConsole, and Logic Pro

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