Hi! Every Sunday we wake up early to
write lyrics, melodies, harmonies and compose
a new song. Welcome and give us your suggestions (like themes) and samples to improve our sound. You can participate in the process with us.
Website: thesundaymorning.com
Twitter: @hisundaymorning
Tumblr: thesundaymorning.tumblr.com

Hello everyone!
This week, our song says about the world, and how things have changes. I know this may sound a little bit cliche, but commonplaces, sometimes, are commonplaces because they have much to say. Hope you enjoy “Eyjafjallajökull” song.
Good Bye! See you next week!

Eyjafjallajökull Song

I was thinking
thinking about how things have changed
how we are destroying ourselves
And how many people are on this Sunday morning

Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanoes with strange names
planes falling, the North and South fighting
It is earth against everyone
and man killing each other

How longer we’ll have to wait
To be able to see that
Without the existence of this planet
We are nothing but nothing in nothing

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