"Triptych" is a three-channel documentary video installation that tells the stories of five African refugees, taking the viewer along on their perilous journey through the desert: Three simultaneously recorded video images, walking through a desert landscape, form a panorama. While the point of view is similar to the human field of vision, it is modifed by gaps, overlaps, and distortion. Yet, point of view and movement simulate a subjective and highly physical experience.

Over the sound of the footsteps and the noises of the desert we hear voices. They are the voices and stories of people who have left their homes and fled their countries: migrants from Congo, the Ivory Coast, Nigeria, and Guinea, all trying to find refuge in a safe place.

"Triptych" runs as a loop of 75 minutes. While the desert landscape changes from time to time, one never reaches the horizon or any kind of goal. Just like the protagonists, the viewer is lost in the desert, without security or hope.

In the full installation the translation is given through headphones – which makes it possible to adapt to the location where it's shown by recording a translation in the appropriate language as well as work with printed scripts.

The stories told in the installation were recorded in Morocco with refugees who are currently living there. They were asked to tell their stories, of how they left their countries and the things that happened to them on their way to Morocco. The resulting recordings form a narration that is very personal, at times even casual, but always gripping and horrifying.

For more information about the project and screening/exhibition possibilities, please get in touch via magdalenahutter.com.

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