“I loved the hell out of ‘Yesterday’” –Ain’t It Cool News

“You can believe in ‘Yesterday’ 4 Stars!” –Jay Seaver, Efilm Critic

“An intense movie made with real skill” –Quiet Earth

6 complete strangers are forced to band together and flee the city when a zombie outbreak occurs. But after making camp in the middle of the wilderness, the group realise its each other they should fear...

“A gritty zombie film with strong scripting chops, this is The Little Indie That Could-a doggedly determined beast that, in spite of being made on a production budget of an impossible $12,000, was nonetheless shot on 16mm film and features tons of crunchy, splatterific make-up effects, stunts, a car crash, the whole nine yards. And you can feel the fight in every frame-Instead, they take on the validating personality of battle scars, proof that the project defeated adversity to come tearing out of a very difficult place, not only surviving to tell the tale, but doing so with spirit and flair.”
-Mitch Davis, Fantasia Fest



-Canada International Film Festival 2009 **FEATURE FINALIST**
-Magnolia Independent Film Festival 2009**WINNER** Best Director
-Macon Film & Video Festival 2009
-Athens International Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film Festival 2009
-Okanagan International Film Festival 2009**BEST FEATURE NOMINEE**
-London International Festival of Sci-Fi & Fantastic Film 2009
-Seattle True Independent Film Festival 2009**WINNER** Best Zombie Movie
-deadCENTER Film Festival 2009
-Montevideo Film Festival 2009
-SP Terror Film Festival 2009
-Fantasia Film Festival 2009
-Fantastic Film Festival 2009
-The Buenos Aires Blood Red Film Festival 2009
-Revenant Film Festival 2009
-Workhouse Festival 2009

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