Even the most critical skeptics admit the homeschooling movement, now three decades old, has been a stunning success. But what about the second generation? Will homeschool graduates go on to teach their own children? This is the real test of any teacher, especially a parent. Does the student understand the importance of the lesson? Will the second generation continue to build on the legacy of independent home education, or abandon what their parents so bravely began?

Apathy in the second generation is no new phenomenon. The story of the Emerson family—from Pastor William Emerson, who encouraged the patriots at Concord Bridge, to his grandson Ralph Waldo Emerson, the transcendentalist who rejected the principles for which his grandfather fought—holds warning: Sustaining a vision over generations requires loving purpose and character.

The Botkin siblings have talked to their peers around the United States, many of whom are planning futures that do not include home education. Is this the first sign of homeschooling failure? This documentary examines the history of modern home education and the character which required to sustain it into the second generation and beyond.


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