This is a musical instrument that plays and tunes itself, by measuring
pulling force and amount of vibrations. All measurement go into the electronic device, constructed by 2 students of the faculty of electric
engeneering at Technic University of Eindhoven.
The inputs can trigger all kinds of outputs, such as volume of amps,
voltage and direction of pulling motors and voltage of playing motors.
The whole system is so complex, that it becomes completely unpredictable. Besides an hommage to the city of New York, it also
puts the question: “Who is pulling the strings?”.
This work was a breaking point in our carreer. We ourselves became more fascinated by the fact that the electronic commands were 'overruled' by for instance the laws of gravity, so that a piece of swinging metal was out of reach of the motor that was supposed to hit it. That's why, from 1998 on, we started working more and more on the basis of 'letting the material do the work', and using simple and in the same time complex or unpredictable systems (like wind) as a basis
for our future work.

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