Hello everyone. In this episode we cover and discuss:

- "Pixels" by: Patrick Jean - bit.ly/keyframepixels
- Voxel-Effect Plugin (C4D) by: Robert Leger - bit.ly/keyframevoxel
- Tips for staying productive
- Mike Winkelmann uploading all his C4D project files for the world to download - beeple-crap.com

Hope you enjoy the episode. I'll add all the appropriate links below. Feel free to comment and let us know if we screwed something up, or if you've got something to add, or you just want to say hello. Thanks so much for watching.

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Pas - @pasql - twitter.com/pasql

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Patrick Jean's Site:

Robert Leger's Site:

Mike Winkelmann's Site:

Thanks again everyone for checking Keyframe out. Make sure to hit up talk.keyframetv.com to get involved and let us know what we can do to make the show better, and to let us know what you want to see.

Because a few of you have asked us to put the links to some of the 3D camera tracking apps that we use a know of, here you go.

The Pixel Farm (pfHoe, pfTrack):



***EDIT 2***
Here's an interview motionographer.com did with Patrick Jean about "Pixels". Really good, make sure you go check it out if you liked the piece!

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