This film it's a historical documentary which combines fashion and history, beach life and politics, counterculture and mainstream.

The Bikini is one of the strongest and most attractive symbols of social revolution. It aims to approach the past overwhelming decades with humor and sensuality without losing track of the most important historical facts. It is going to be an exciting, colorful and well-humored trip through time as it investigates thoughts, politics and life style in modern society.

By the end of World War II the world was facing a moment of optimism, hope and creativity. It was a time of scientific evolution, and technological invention as well as profound liberations and transformations around the globe.

The fashion expert, Diana Vreeland even dared to say, the Bikini was the most important creation of the 20th century after the atomic bomb. Exaggerating or not, it was the legendary explosion of this atomic bomb in the Bikini atoll, in the south pacific, that named the future “society bomb”. And who could discuss the impact in a puritan world caused by the two piece swimsuit designed by French engineer Louis Reard in the summer of 1946; an invention that would open minds and eyes.

It is in matter that this documentary explains how two small pieces of fabric serve as a flag to comprehend contemporary history and modern “Zeitgeist”.

TV-Exhibiton in following territories : Germany, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Finland, Belgium, Canada, USA, Australia, Israel and of course: Brazil the promisse land of Bikini

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