This is my interpretation of a story about a fisherman. I have focused on the quiet, calm environment of a lonely and isolated coastal town, which can also seem eery; I really like the blending of nature and human development and I have done so by creating buildings on the steep mountain-side, just like they are part of the hill. The houses are very few, yet crowded, and there is only one boat at the jetty, to show the loneliness of the town.
Living in South Italy has made a very big impact on my inspiration, because I could touch and live all the aspects in this environment. This town that I have visualised, has a feel which is very close to the one perceived if you visit all the little towns along the coast of Campania. I want the viewer to feel the history behind the town, the originality of the architecture and the perception of it being a world of its own, burning under the sun, lost in the Mediterranean Sea.
Attempted Photorealism, stylised to an extent, with simplified features, not too much detail, to show how naked and simple the life of the town is.
The Pixar movie ‘Finding Nemo’ is very influential to the modelling of seascapes and life close to the sea.

3D environment modeled, textured and animated in Autodesk Maya, then Imported in After Effects and enhanced with title and soundtrack.

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