European Community Design Registration

A Community Registered Design gives you protection in the 27 countries of the European Union in a single registration. This is a very cost effective method of protecting designs in Europe.

As with a UK Registered Design, multiple designs of the same type can be filed in a single application, and you can take advantage of a one year novelty grace period, which means that if the design has been disclosed, then protection may still be possible. We can advise you on these issues on a case by case basis.

The requirements for filing a Community Design application are very similar to those for filing a UK design application, because the legislation governing these methods of protection is now effectively harmonised.

In order to file a European Community Design Application, we will need:

1. Full applicant details, eg your full name or company name (plus state or incorporation) and address.

2. Representations of your design: These can be drawings or photographs of the design suitable for quality reproduction by a photocopier. (We generally prefer line drawings because these are most easily reproduced. You should generally show the six views of a cube and a perspective view, but we can advise on this as necessary).

3. Details of any earlier "priority" applications.

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