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(old video - terrible sound - sorry)

... aka the man with no rhythm. I think there may be parts of this video where the sound, video, and inset video are a little out of sync, I hope it's good enough to give you an idea of what's going on.

Demonstrates the functionality of the pads in my native mode hack. Pads can be individually transposed (as they can outside of native mode) - I didn't want the patch to lose too much of the original functionality - or transposed as a group. Different scenes can be programmed, and will remember their mappings, although currently only notes and not cc's. These can be saved.

If a midi track is set up to monitor notes being played or recorded, and is set to output these to my patch, then the pads LEDs will show feedback, as long as they are set to the same notes as are being sent out - in other words if there is a melody playing between C3 and C5 and the pads are set to play those notes they will flash in response to the midi being sent.

Cut this video off at the end since it only got worse from then on. Think it serves well enough to demonstrate the functionality.

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