Almost half of all woman who have abortions in the US reported not using contraceptives.

Many of these woman did not think they would get pregnant or had concerns about contraceptive methods.

The pregnancy rate among sexually experienced teenagers was 152.8 pregnancies per 1,000 woman aged 15-19.

This means that the overall pregnancy rate includes a large proportion of young people who are not sexually active.

New York is ranked 11 in the US in teenaged pregnancy.

But I don't think sex is the problem.

Because with right precautions, teenagers - like adults - can practice safe sex.

SO I WANT TO KNOW: How much do teenagers at the NYC Lab School know about their sexual health?


Sex lurks in the hallways of high school, in between the pages of textbooks, in the corners by lockers, and in the mini skirts and ripped tee shirts teens wear. The combination of teenager's hormones and "over-sexulization" in the media that we're surrounded by is practically everywhere we turn. However, as common as sexual tensions are, there is a parallel taboo on talking about sex too explicitly. I am interested in creating a documentary with interview of my peers at school to see how much they know about their sexual health. How has the sexual culture they find themselves surrounded by translated into real information? These interviews will be used to evaluate how successful our sexual education was.

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