A trio of lungs breathing. Created during a residency at Oboro in Montreal, it is a prototype for the project Breath I/O (Chorus of Lungs).

The breathing was recorded at Oboro and stretched/compressed to give each pair of lungs a different rhythm. The lung animations are stretched/compressed to match the breathing.

Lungs are geo-instanced.

Video on first lung are pelicans on the Bow River near Calgary. They disappeared when DDT came on the scene and came back more than a generation after DDT was banned. The second video is an urban park in Montreal (Jeanne-Mance). The third video is wind in the leaves of a tree in the Parc Des Rapides, a bird sanctuary in LaChine (near Montreal). All videos shot by Leila Sujir and Thea Jones.

Upcoming prototypes will have more sounds, more lungs, more videos, and different rendering style.

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