Project: Bodycount Promo for E3

Production Company: The Mill London

Director: Arran Green

Audio Director: Steve Root
Game Developer: Codemasters 

Background: The Mill asked us to sound design the promo for E3, which is a annual games conference in the US.

Our role was to edit the music to follow the on screen action and sound design the game play action.

Game trailers require in-game capturing and then re-sound designed because the audio track becomes too fragmented and unlistenable. This type of genre is about high octane action, textures, imaginary worlds and events.

How we did it: We worked closely with the legendary Steve Root, the audio director for Codemasters. We wanted to capture guns for the project, so we recorded lots of gun action you can view a behind the scenes Gun recording here.

We edited the music to follow all the twists and turns within the promo, and created the sound design for 100% original source.

Sounds we created include: Music Editing, Guns, Atmos, Textures, Impacts, Swooshes

music & sound:

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