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We shot this film in High School at the age of 16 in Singapore. It involved a cast & crew of over 70 people, took 14 hours to film, and had a budget of $2,000 pooled together by the members of this production. We used a DVX100b, XL2, and PD170. The full film is available at:

Google Video #1:
Google Video #2 (Bloopers):

Other information, download sites, and news are available at our production blog Please enjoy. All honest comments, criticisms, feedback, suggestions, and rants are welcome. I am looking to improve and do better films next time. Please feel free to contact me at too. Thanks and enjoy the show.


A cop desperately trying to hide a dark secret, an opportunistic mob boss, and a seemingly innocent office worker victimized by circumstance: Each of them driven by their own selfish motivations. Little do they know that when their paths collide in a complex chain of unprecedented events, their actions would ultimately lead to their inevitable demise ten minutes later.

In one of the largest and most epic films ever attempted by the finalists of Project Pilot and the Canon Film Festival with a cast and crew of over seventy people, Countdown is a fast-paced, intricately-spun and twisted action-thriller about the trappings of wanton greed, unavoidable causality, and most of all, ironic twists of fate.

10 Minutes. 3 People. 1 Destiny

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