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"Here’s one I made of Jared for his sponsor, SeasonBikes, with some footage we got in Austin. Filming with Jared was very, very different than any street rider I’ve ever filmed with before. My first time riding with him was during my first visit to Austin back in November. I remember him just like standing in this parking lot looking around to areas across or down the street, while calling out tons of things he wanted to shoot. After a couple trips to spots that were less than 20 pedals long, I very quickly realized that the best way to film him was to just pedal around pointing the camera at him all day. It isn’t exactly the most ideal thing to do, but results proved fruitful because easily 40% of this video’s content was achieved in that one afternoon. Also, it pretty much goes without saying that Jared is a machine on a bike…nothing in here took him longer than ten minutes. He’s is a super nice kid as well, and genuinely loves BMX more than anyone. Show him some love in the comments".
- Mike Mastroni/TCU
Location: Austin, Texas.
Filming & Editing: Mike Mastroni
Additional Filming: Adam Grandmaison, Levi Brewer

Music: Josh Ritter – “To The Dogs Or Whoever”

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