God doesn’t hold back in the Bible and tells the good and the bad but most people don’t want to share their daily struggles because it would tarnish their image.

In this message Pastor John publicly shares his struggle over the years to be set free from demons. He started out life as a bastard and came from a dysfunctional family that was plagued with infighting, alcohol addiction, rejection of God and an inability to know His love.

Anyone who says a Christian cannot have demonic problems is either blessed to not have such problems or a liar who won’t admit that demons exist and afflict Christians and unbelievers alike.

Pastor John takes you through his life and shows you how God worked behind the scenes and brought him into salvation and freedom from demonic bondage. By openly sharing his hurts, grief and victory, he offers hope to the hurting that God is love and He is able to forgive and restore any human being who cries out for help.

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