A video collage of the evening arrival and the morning courtship of two Great Green Macaws (Ara ambiguus) at La Selva Biological Station in Sarapiquí, Costa Rica.

Experts have been puzzled about why the birds do not nest in the Sarapiquí region, where the habitat seems entirely appropriate. This species is considered highly endangered (CITES I), with only about 50 breeding pairs in Costa Rica and a total population of about 7,500 individuals.

In March 2010, La Selva invited Drew Irwin and his crew to La Selva to document the unusual occurrence of this pair Great Green Macaws nesting in the Sarapiqui region -- the first time in the 40 year history of the biological station.

Drew Irwin is an audiovisual producer, director, cameraman, non-linear video editor, and video and multimedia installation artist based in San Jose, Costa Rica. Drew has been working with Deedra McClearn, La Selva Station Director, on the La Selva Fern Blog since it was launched in January 2009.

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