Eskom representative and senior manager, Anthony Stott justifies the use of nuclear energy as Eskom's energy expansion plan and cleaner alternative. Muna Lakhani of Zero Waste Africa, a passionate anti-nuclear activist, argues that there is no such thing as safe nuclear energy. And a selection of Capetonian activists and citizens argue ways in which we can work together for a better, cleaner and brighter future.

We explore what is wrong with cheap, non-renewable energy, we investigate the current addiction society has to this form of energy and ask how this can be averted to avoid catastrophe. Over the next three years the main power utility in South Africa will increase its tariffs by 80%. What does this mean for the poor? Is it still economically viable to be using energy that cannot be replaced such as oil, coal and uranium? What will our future look like without oil, coal or uranium? How can we overcome these mountains of challenges? In this episode we try and answer some questions, illustrating how individuals can make a significant difference. If we carry on down this highway of self-destruction, the future is uncertain but we do have to opportunity now to make a change.

"All of life is maintained by the by the sun, by the air, by water, by the earth and its resources". Eberhard Arnold

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