FRANCIS is an account of the creation of a 9-year old 'defective' animated character. As the draughtsman's hand goes to work and Francis attains animated consciousness, his behaviour is observed and assessed by a child psychologist. The boy's responses, initially slow and apparently flawed, develop in unusual comic directions as the examination progresses. As his vocalisations begin to address the nature of his animated world and the psychologist continues to try and interpret his actions, it appears that Francis may 'break out' once and for all and become a real animated character.

FRANCIS playfully addresses notions of construction and the role that language plays in interpreting, classifying and creating certain types. In an animated world populated by impressionable idiot figures, mischief-makers and oddballs with strange vocal mannerisms, FRANCIS puts the cute but simple cartoon character into therapy for a case study of animated behaviour.

FRANCIS is an Animate Projects commission funded by Arts Council England and Channel 4.

FRANCIS is distributed by Lux

copyright (c) LMFYFF 2007

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