With $30 and a few hours of bending, banging and drilling, I have a trailer for my bicycle! I'm really excited about how well and easily this came together, how simple and cheap the materials are, and how many different options this will open up for carrying cargo with my bike.

Does anyone have experience building or using this sort of thing? I realize that my try at constructing a trailer could have taken many different paths, and the design has lots of room for improvement. I didn't have any welding equipment, or a pipe bender. I had a hammer, a drill, and a notch in a tree (the pipe was thin enough to just put it in the notch and push).

Any advice for how to use this? Who else needs one? I got lucky in terms of the tires, because I salvaged them from a bike I bought at a police auction for $1.

Wish me luck, and let me know if you want to know more about how I built this!

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