A photographic reportage by Kai Nedden.

This is the story of Sveinn Kristínsson, who is living far up north in Iceland.
The place which he calls his home is called Drangar.
No mobiles, no streets, no electricity. A life more simple in an environment, that would lead most of us away to a more comfortable one. Nevertheless, Sveinn could not be happier to live at the place he grew up at.
His daily life seems tiring. Working on the farm, reapairing the machines, go fishing and hunting and taking care of the Eidar ducks, to harvest their very rare daun, which are used only in the most exspensive blankets and pillows.
But for him it is finding happiness and you can find him standing for hours at the shore listening to the crashing waves or the seabirds and breathing the salty air with a constant smile.

Life at Drangar is photographic reportage about a place almost forgotten, but yet very much worth to experience.

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