WARNING: This video contains course language. Viewer Discretion is Advised.

Yaz Rabadi's short film, Silencer.

Silencer is a character mockumentary based on the fictitious rap icon MC Rabadass. A hilarious (and mostly explicit) parody on rap music and some of its overzealous artist, the film cuts in between interview segments with an in-your-face Rabadass and clips from the music video to his self-proclaimed chart topping #1 hit, ‘Silencer’. This tough-as-nails rapper has a lot to say, some of which is coherent.

A Rabid Pictures Production
Directed by: Yaz Rabadi
Produced by: Katie Hawrysh, Marcie Clowry & Yaz Rabadi
Director of Photography: Katie Hawrysh
Sound Recordist: Marcie Clowry
'Silencer' Recorded by: Mitchell Arend
Picture Editors: Katie Hawyrsh, Marcie Clowry & Yaz Rabadi

Starring: Yaz Rabadi & Ryan Enn Hughes

16 mm; Produced at Ryerson University as part of their Film Studies program.


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