Shot entirely by hand on the Hacked GF1 this footage features the wonderful 20mm Pancake lens, the stunning Leica 50mm Summicron and the Leica 125mm beast!

The footage was edited in FCE and 'wobblevision' was removed with the 'Lock and Load' plugin which did a faultless job apart from with the two shots that used the Leica 125mm and where just too wobbly to be recovered.

The Rehearsal which was taking place during my visit was of Edward Elgar's 'Dream of Gerontius'. It tells the story of the death of an old man who is then transported by his Guardian Angel into the presence of God. I have obviously dubbed a snippet from a recording over this clip, however it does 'line up' for the last shot where Gerontius comes face to face with God as he is judged.

The Minster is a wonderful building. It isn't just a dusty tribute to some medieval hocus-pocus faith, its alive and vibrant with art, music and worship of locals pilgrims and even the odd photographer who finds themselves listening to such wonderful music as they wander round trying to capture the sheer magnificence of this building!

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