This 20 minute short film "Metaphor of Time: Fortress to Freedom" will be an intimate journey into the heart and soul of two distinguished ex maharajahs who have undergone sea changes in their princely lives, became a pivotal part of Indian history of independence as they transitioned into a new-born republic - a new age based on democracy, freedom and equality, poles apart from their authoritative kingdom, where they reigned once upon a time.

This film will archive the nostalgic memories of their glorious and lavish past, their personal analysis and experience of Indian independence in 1947 and the aftermath, and how they perceive the 21st century modern day India from their perspective.

A journal like storytelling will depict how an American journalist became intrigued in this subject matter after reading an article in the New York Times, his ten day visit to India, meeting the two ex-maharajahs, interviewing them in their palaces and few others, experiencing their world today and documenting first-hand a glimpse of the current economic boom in that country and the contracts therein.

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