Is this the highest "MPG" of any similar-weight electric car or truck?

For Electric Vehicles: Low Amps = High Mileage

If you have an electric vehicle with similar total weight that draws fewer amps, I'll buy you lunch!

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Here's just one listing:

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With electric vehicles, the "race" is not who is fastest, but rather, who has the LOWEST CURRENT DRAW on an long uphill road or bridge.

Only a vehicle with clever "electricals" can do this. If you pull out your calculator, you'll realize that the relatively very-low-watts involved here are close to what is theoretically possible.

Can you show a lower current draw on a similar-size/weight electric vehicle?

Can Any Electric Truck Show a Lower Amperage Uphill Run?

If you have an electric pickup, how many amps (at 120VDC nominal) do you draw going up a bridge? About 400 amps, probably?

Lower amps = Longer range

Also, the batteries on this EV were dicarded, worn-out batteries, some from 2003 and from mixed sizes, types, and voltages.

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