This is the second video from Eleni's "Miracle of Five" album. It is also the second in our cinema trilogy starring Eleni and Charlie Wadhams.

The idea this time was to utilize the old technique, rear projection. Everything you see behind them is projected, not green screen. They are elements we shot on the first day of shooting on a DVX-100, edited together for each shot, and projected on a big screen behind them. I wanted to use a real classic rear projection method, but making a print and projecting it proved to be too expensive. As a trade off, I got to use 1950's Cooke Panchro lens to shoot all the main action. That was all shot on 35mm in Eleni's living room! In telecine I tried to give it a Technicolor feel that was inspired by 1950's Hollywood films.

Something you didn't really see a lot of in old films were elements coming out of the projection and interacting with the main in this video I put some of that in. They sit in kitchen chairs just to emphasize how unreal it all is!

Director: Manny Marquez
Cinematographer: Rod Hassler
Producer: Ben Leiser
Edit: Ritta/Marquez

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