Bereterbide - Pop Arq/Max Zolkwer
Restyling & Mobile Library

Architects: Max Zolkwer with Cecilia Álvarez Raso and Nicolás Dorval-Bory
Libraries: Daniel Mendez
Carpenter: Keny
Contractor: Montanoti

Music by Toy Selectah

Directed & Edited by PEPE

More Info at:

"Los Andes Complex was design by Fermín Berterbide in 1927. It`s a condominium that occupies the entire block in a "hof", typical of northern Europe. Because of its high quality spatial and construction over the years the population were replaced by middle class families. It is currently occupied by families who enjoy community life generated in its semi-public spaces and who know the history of the building become a place of worship.

The department had been transformed previously remodeled and generally was in good condition. In addition to general arrangements and enlarge the master bathroom, the most important thing was to generate two studies, one individual and one for teaching and 135ml a large library of books. The largest study is separated from the living by mobile libraries, which lets you enlarge the living room when not in use for classes or study groups"

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