Live concert footage of the song "Time Machine Dream" (Get Used To Being Everything, 2006) from my performance opening for Zach Deputy at Quixote's True Blue in Denver, 28 Jan 2010. It's the story of a dreaming god lost in his own creation...which is, of course, OUR story.

Guitar and vocals were looped through a Boss RC50 and recorded with Ableton Live 8. The guitar is amplified by an LR Baggs M1 active soundhole pickup, which I love.


I went out on a limb
grasping at all the pretty things I've seen
in my time machine dream
and fell asleep naïve
unaware that I might never find my way
back to the tree.
Here I lay, lost enchanted
underneath the canopy of fantasy
and I won't ever come back.

We are threaded through time
by people we intuit we could be,
mistranslating infinite peace.
But when I recognize
my higher nature peck the shell,
I'll split this cell.
I'll change, but stay
and in remaining, meditate on gleaming grace
that I don't ever come back.

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