Workers In Song Edinburgh (Preview Version)
A film By Julien Pearly
A song by Matt Norris and the Moon

WISE 1.1 - First Light of Day
WISE 1.2 - Before There is Frost
WISE 1.3 - Treacherous Lands
WISE 1.4 - This Year

Edinburgh, 4th of June

Edinburgh is an amazing place for music. It happens everywhere if you look attentively. And if you want to hear completely unknown local bands, I recommend you to walk along the meadows path where you are sure to get into sight of some great fellow musicians having a ball with their instruments.

So that’s how I met Matt, Dave and Tom, while busking with their band The Last of Barrett's Privateers I just walked down the path with my camera then asked if I could film them. I left my card to Dave and the next day he contacted me by email regarding the videos. He also explained that they were parts of two bands with basically almost the same line up. We arranged for a filming session with the other band Matt Norris and the Moon on the following Friday evening before their gig at Maggies Chamber. Both bands have their own song qualities and I will upload the videos of the other band quite soon.

On the day of filming, I listen to the tunes on their myspace ( ) to have an idea of what we can do. “Before there is frost” is the first track to catch my attention. A beautiful song with touching lyrics, having been through a recent break up myself, the words “I could win you back” ring in my head all day and will do so for the rest of the week. From this moment I can’t think of anything else than this song and think a way to film it nicely. I remember Dave telling me his flat is next to the venue so I ask him if it would be ok to use it for our session. Situated on market fish close, Cowgate would be great scenery for the song. So the first plan is to start with singer Matt alone going downstairs from the flat and walking towards Dave and Tom who will join him at the end of an alley. I don’t have much idea for the rest of the songs but I don’t want to think too much and leave things open. I just keep in mind a little idea storywise to link up the songs: Matt alone first in shot with Dave and Tom waiting and joining him at some point in the song.

So on my way to the meeting point with Jake and Lucia to talk more about what we gonna do, I pass through the meadows path again and guess who I bump into? Matt and some folks playing music, of course! Adam who used to play with Black Cat and Alan from AARON WRIGHT & the APRILS band are with them practicing a song (this year). Testing a kind of folky flute called xaphoon he just grasped 4 days before, this amazing musician can already play it like after years of practice. I take the camera out for a 1st filming session (WISE1.4). After a while they leave to get ready for the evening. On my way to the Cowgate I capture a few moments of music and skateboarding before doing some test down the fish market close to check for the timing of the song. The road is too long added with the stairs we will need to find a different solution. Everybody meets then time to gather at Dave flat to start filming.

In the building you can’t imagine my surprise when we take a tiny lift to go upstairs. A lift! In Edinburgh!? Never saw that before. So I figure out that for the first true Film Song Edinburgh I can’t miss the big clin d’oeil to the people of la blogotheque and Vincent Moon who did it with bands like Grizzly Bear and Arcade Fire. They inspired me the idea of these videos and keep being an inspiration for music filmmakers around the globe (that’s why I put it first too). We get ready and find there is enough room for the band plus me inside, but as we want to record using Jake equipment we decide that Lucia will keep the door open to allow him to record from outside. Off we go, matt calling for the lift with tom and Dave inside already. We get the take in one go (WISE 1.1). People arrive just at the end of the song from the stairs, some laughing when realizing that a band inside this tiny place is having a wee jam and is also the reason why they can’t use it. We will hear later that someone complained about the noise and called the cops.

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