Demo Reel Breakdown (Sep. 2010)

00:04 - "Watch" detailed hard-surface modeling
+Original designed by Antoine Preziuso
+Modeling by Leah Kang

00:14 - "Headphone" detailed hard-surface modeling
+Original designed by Skullcandy
+Modeling by Leah Kang

00:24 - "Crate" at Kickstand
+Modeling by Leah Kang

00:32 - "RuKiyanYa" a Character Design & modeling
+All imagery/work by Leah Kang

00:48 - Related works and shots from"When The Time Comes"
+All imagery/work by Leah Kang

01:20 - Low-poly outfit modeling at Kickstand
+Original designed by American Girls
+Modeling & texturing by Leah Kang

01:31 - "Superbat" for ThunderDog
Promotional created from ThunderDog Character Designs
+Character Modeling & Rigging by Leah Kang
+Character Animating by Alexandros George
+Texturing & Rendering & Post-production
by Triston Huang

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