First I have to apologies for my late upload, this is the first footage from my canon 1d mark 4 camera which is missing few touches and the translation.
so here it goes, i just got my hand on a canon 1d mark 4, and it was not easy as I use Nikon so ohh the lenses....anyway its been long time as i moved away to making short films and I am back to DSLRs thanks to canon.
Just two weeks before the festival I got a call from my friend there asking me to shoot the honoree video from our country and I told him …the sound is not yet ready…I just ordered the digital recorder…he insisted knowing that I want to work with her in my future projects and it’s a good start for me to know her personally ... I accepted but I took my friends JVC HD cam to do the job and I kept my canon 1d on the side.
After I was done & took it to my friend to edit the JVC footage …we saw canon and it was amazing image…we never had video footage that beautiful in our life as filmmakers...something that good of an image only comes from high end cameras which cost way much...we used it and and wanted to mix the footage but switching between the JVC and canon your eyes start to hurts ....clearly canon was way much better we only took the sound from the JVC.

Camera: Canon 1D mark IV
Lens 16-35 mm
I would like to thank
Philip bloom, Vincent Laforet for their work and all the information and knowledge provided and to thank Marcuse O’brien as his work made me interested in the 1d
And yaah to thank my friend who pushed me- Masoud Amrallah Alali.
Also the editor my friend Fadel Al Muhairi
and last Abdullah Bushihri for his technical advice.

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