These organic cotton underwear by Couture Cottons are adorable and will make your man fall head over heels (or heels over head, depending on his personal preferences). Organic cotton underwear, soy underwear or bamboo underwear make it a sustainable, eco-friendly, safe, breathable and allergen free underwear. These organic fabrics (or soy, or bamboo) Some things that Couture Cottons carry are: cute panties, thongs, boy shorts, and even camisoles, which are my personal favorite in terms of comfort hehe. Well, if I'm very single, all I need is an organic sleepwear, no?!

Here are some key points about each sustainable fabric, directly from their website:

Benefits of Organic and Sustainable Fabrics:

Organic Cotton
• Softer and safer than conventional cotton fabrics
• Lasts ten times longer than conventional cotton
• Processed without harsh toxic chemicals
• Allergen Free
• Breathable fabric
• Pesticide free

• Soft and luxurious like silk yet without the chemicals and wrinkles
• Sustainable resource that is biodegradable and can be grown without pesticides
• Allergen free

• Soft and feels similar to cashmere
• Sustainable fabric
• Rarer and softer than organic cotton
• Environmentally friendly
• Allergen Free

- Soy underwear
- Organic underwear
- Bamboo underwear

Enjoy ;)

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