Masks, 2010, animation

Work is made by photo-montage and digital manipulation of images and quotations from numerous sources and formally reminds to an old newspaper. Modernistic representations of myths and utopias are here converted into a present context. Layered meanings shape a nonlinear narrative, reflecting upon popular culture, consumerism and globalization.

- Short animated films created with alternation of fixed frames and fragments of moving images, with emphasized breaks, and returning to the previous position, repeat tendency to deconstruct a whole. Such actions evoke the primary definition of film as a medium that occurs in a succession of fixed images, but they also examine the possibility of creating, instead of an integral compositional scheme, a new visual form that could provoke different perceptual capabilities.
From the text "Plenty of offers" by Sanja Todosijevic about Digest exhibition,2012

L’œuvre est conçue à partir de photo-montage et de manipulation numérique d’images et de citations issues de nombreuses sources. Elle évoque formellement un ancien journal. Les représentations modernistes de mythes et d’utopies sont ici transposées dans un contexte actuel. Les niveaux de sens forment une narration non-linéaire, reflétant culture populaire, consommation et mondialisation.

First screening on 29.11.2010. in Centre Pompidu, Paris, for Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid

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