Juditha triumphans was composed and performed in November of 1716 in Venice by the orchestra and choir of the Ospedale della Pietà and is described as his first great oratorio. The work was commissioned to celebrate the victory of the Republic of Venice over the Turks during the siege of Corfu. In July 1716, the Turks had landed on Corfu and set siege to the island. The population resisted the occupation and in August, Venice signed an alliance with the Emperor. On 18 August, under the leadership of count Johann Matthias von der Schulenburg, the decisive battle was won and the Turks abandoned the island.

«Χαίρε ωραία αήττητη Ιουδήθ,
αγλάισμα της Πατρίδας, ελπίδα της σωτηρίας μας,
ας είσαι δοξασμένη στον κόσμο παντοτινά.
Ηττήθηκε ο βάρβαρος της Θράκης,
θριάμβευσε η Βασίλισσα της θάλασσας,
κατευνάστηκε η οργή του Κυρίου.
Ας ζει κι ας βασιλεύει ειρηνικά ο Αδρίας»

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