Rantings of a MADMAN named Hubbard Episode 18 :::::::::

"Hubbard's Concept of Gamma Radiation"

Beck has a new album that has a song about gamma rays so I decided to show where Beck learned about them!

From Radiation and the Scientologist, 13 April 1957:

".. And out of this, what do we get? We get a tremendous
question mark. Whether radiation is floating across the
world or not, is not the point. There's a question mark
floating across the world. Is it, or isn't it? Well the
funny part of it is that's radiation itself. Is it there or
isn't it there?

You know, it kills the human body very, very dead, but it'll go through a sixteen foot wall! A gamma ray'll go through a wall, very easily. Well, what's it -- how does it hurt a body? Nobody can tell you. A wall can't stop a gamma ray, but a body can. And we get down to our number one medical question. Gamma rays go through walls but don't go through bodies. We get the density of a body and the density of the wall and we find out that the body is less dense than the wall. So therefore we have to go in to the field of the mind, if we can't go into the field of anatomy on this subject and say "What is happening here?". And I can tell you, fortunately, what is happening here. Resistance! The wall doesn't resist and the body does. "

Hubbard was an idiot who made things up as he went along. Gamma rays go through walls and people (and just about everything else) without slowing down. The damage is incurred to what ever gamma rays fly through by the collisions (and subsequent mutations if biological) that happen as they are speeding through whatever.


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