(Sorry this clip is shorter in time, in fact just as their lifespan and time on earth)
Remember you and me as videographers can show future generations the last remaining species.

This endangered Brown Howler Monkey is endemic to Brazil and known hence its name, by the terrific howl which can be heard miles away. It is thought that they use their howls to express their presence and claim their right to a territory for food.

Reports indicate that 60+ percent of the Amazon's forests could be gone by 2030, releasing billion of tons of CO2 to the atmosphere, "with major contributions to global warming", warns Dr. Meg Symington, WWF's priority leader for the Amazon.

Camera: Jan van der Meer with Sony HC7
Sound: Tomrig (2 DPA stereo)
Edits: Vegas 8 (tiny MBL)
©Van der Meer Video/ Global-DVC
Zandvoort Holland July 2008

Also on vimeo.com/endangered

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