In the near future, the UK national ID card scheme is in full swing. Leave home without one and you're a suspect.

Benjamin Novak chooses to opt-out of the scheme on ethical grounds. When police are called in to investigate the vandalism of his business, he finds the investigation taking a disturbing turn - he himself is detained whilst the authorities 'verify his identity'.

Ben quickly finds himself in a test of courage against a hot-shot detective, and facing a family he doesn't recognise anymore...

This was the final film made as part of my BA (Hons) Television Production degree at Bournemouth University. I wanted to make a film that was provocative and would encourage debate on an issue that I feel is extremely important: mandatory ID cards.

BBC News clips are used under the Creative Commons licence, from the BBC News Open Archive.

Almost every shot in the film is handheld, and hopefully this gives it a greater sense of realism (this element was inspired by the awesome Battlestar Galactica). As it's set in the future, there's an issue of getting the audience to suspend their disbelief, and I think the doc-style was ultimately the right choice (if a little too shaky at times).

What do you think about the film, and the ID cards debate?


Matthew Blackmore

Katie Pattinson

Phill Keiman

Stephanie Fereday

PC Ashurst
Barry Squires

PC Holland
Dave Cullinane

Sam Nutt
Sam Rogers


Director / Writer / Editor
Ric Forster

Production Manager
Catherine Sneddon

Andrew Litt

Alex Simpson

Will Higo

Jenny Milward-Oliver

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