B-Grade (slipping into C and D-Grade) Sci-Fi treatment of a Music Video, as a final college assignment.

The track is Pendulum's awesome tune "SLAM". Check them out at pendulum.com.

Aliens arrive on Earth, there's the usual media speculation. Military leaders decide on attacking first, instead of talking (as they tend to). Aliens don't appreciate the attack (they came in peace), and retaliate. Earth is destroyed. Fade to black.

This video is a mix of green screen footage, sfx and stock. I've also edited in bits from a game trailer (EndWar) and a video for a Canadian sniper unit (If I remember correctly). All copyright for these materials remain their respective owners, I claim nothing from them.

I reiterate, this was a COLLEGE ASSIGNMENT, just in case anybody missed that part.

And, YES, it's supposed to look so cheesy :)

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