The first EVER production I ever did under the name of drop the bomb productions.

This was made a long time ago; in 1998 or so. I had been doing a lot of video production work for my classes, church, and family. My brother and his classmates had an assignment to interpret the poem of Charge of the Light Brigade by Alfred Tennyson, describing the historical events of the same name. (

My brother approached me to do the filming, editing, and soundtrack. The script and acting was done, of course, by my brother and his classmates.

I make a brief cameo although this was forbidden by the teacher beforehand. Thus in my cameo, you cannot see my face.

In a Monty Python-like move, nearly all of the characters are represented by the same actors. So keep that in mind - I think the main differentiation is that Russians wear black and British white - generally speaking.

The opening and closing credits were made with some precursor to Powerpoint. When it came time to transmit it to video, something went wrong and I so the text is nearly illegible.

Glad I was finally able to digitize it. Looks as though the cassette tape was starting to deteriorate quite a bit. In fact, digitizing my portfolio (especially this video) was the whole reason why I bought a VRC.

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