Norfolk, Virginia — June 29, 2010

State and local governments that manage health care services for those in need can now find a comprehensive solution in a product offered by ValueOptions®, the nation’s largest independent behavioral health and wellness company.

Today – when health care resources for the poor are shrinking and their health care needs are increasing – ValueOptions® has the answer: IntelligenceConnect. IntelligenceConnect is an innovative analytical tool that provides access to information to help programs and agencies make informed decisions affecting health care delivery. That information is critical for getting the most care out of limited dollars, for adhering to rigorous federal regulations and for efficiently deploying valuable health care resources to those in need.

IntelligenceConnect is a powerful technology. It drives a data analysis system that retrieves, synthesizes, organizes and displays financial, clinical and operational health care data.

The product’s numerous benefits include the delivery of critical health care information on demand, information provided in various presentation-ready formats and 24/7 availability.

“IntelligenceConnect is both dynamic and intuitive,” said Eric Brown, vice president of Data Management and Analysis for ValueOptions®. “With the choice of several analytical tools, it allows various levels of end users to interact confidently with the key metrics that drive their business decisions.”

ValueOptions® – with IntelligenceConnect and other solutions – is a leader in innovative health care technology. Learn more about IntelligenceConnect on the ValueOptions® Facebook page. Or, contact an IntelligenceConnect representative at 1-877-394-4133 or

About ValueOptions®, Inc.

ValueOptions®, Inc., the nation’s largest independent behavioral health and wellness company, provides services to more than 23 million individuals through a variety of contracts with state and county agencies and, additionally, with health plans and employers. ValueOptions® specializes in management for all behavioral health issues and promotes health and wellness through innovative programs. The mission of ValueOptions® is to improve the health and wellness for the people it serves.

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