Eternity Bible College, founded by Francis Chan, is now offering affordable online bible college courses. Now you can receive a life-changing Bible education without leaving the church, ministry, and life that God has entrusted to you. All you need is an internet connection.

7 Reasons to choose Eternity Bible College:

1. We're small.
If you want to be a part of a prestigious Christian college where you're one of thousands of students, then we're probably not for you. If, on the other hand, you want to be a part of a college where the staff knows your name, and you're more concerned with the quality of education rather than the architecture of the building it happens in, then we're probably a place you should seriously consider.

2. Pedagogy. (fancy word for our philosophy of teaching).
You will be trained to engage the culture around you. You will not be in a "protective" Christian bubble. You'll be taught how to think, not what to think. Rather than giving you the answers, you're given the tools and the training to think for yourself. Critical thinking and a fully formed Christian worldview are essential to being a student at EBC.

3. We train leaders.
It doesn't matter what type of job or career you want to pursue, our biblical training and Pastor/Mentor Program, develops humble biblical leaders who truly live their faith. Our training will help you whether you want to be a pastor, business owner, missionary or homemaker.

4. We're affordable.
Prestigious Christian college Liberal Arts degrees will cost you (or your parents) about $100,000.
That "Christian college experience" will burden you with debilitating debt. Save your money and pursue a high-quality online Christian college education for only $125 per unit. That's about $16,000 for an entire Bachelor's degree versus the price of one semester elsewhere. Are the ivy-covered brick buildings and athletic programs really worth it?

5. Shared sacrifice.
All of us on staff including our highly-trained faculty willingly take low salaries so that we can offer you an elite, yet affordable bible education. Want to know how much we make? Where our money goes? We have no reservations in sharing that information with you.

6. We have amazing professors.
We could list the schools that they have attended. We could list all of our PhD's. Nah. What makes our professors amazing is that they are accessible. They invest their time in student's lives. We don't hire ivory tower theologians -- just professors that are also pastors and who demonstrate humility, wisdom, love for God and people.

7. We worship Jesus.
As an institution of Christian higher education, EBC exists to glorify God through graduates whose lives are transformed by rigorous study of the Bible as Scripture, impassioned love for God, and gracious service in the church for the world. That's our mission. What's yours?

Eternity Bible College offers distance education theology classes that are affordable, challenging, and life-changing.

If you have the desire to apply the Word of God to your life, but can't attend our campus, distance learning through an online Christian college, like Eternity Bible College, is a great alternative.

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