Video Art and Montage of live footage created by
Ben "Bean" Worley aka Video Bean aka Bean Summer

Using the 4 Documents of Freedom

Declaration of Independence

Constitution of the United States

Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

and the Bill of Rights

I created a video montage with the music of the Sids.

for AMERICA - A patriotic group show curated by Ben Goldman

Show Description:
An amazing group show of some of art about our beloved country. Created by some of Atlanta's finest citizens. Come out July 3rd to Mint Gallery and salute the flag, have a PBR, and be proud to be an American. Each artist created an art piece about their feelings and views on our great democratic republic. Come to the show! It's fun, it's free and It's your civic duty.
Support the Arts.
Group show includes works by Tindel and Michi, Sam Parker,Stephanie Dowda and John Paul Floyd, Brandon Crawford, Bethany Collins, Teresa Bramlette Reeves, Ashley Anderson, Jessica Scott Felder, Mike Germon,Brandi Supra, Erin Bassett, Jim O'Donnell, Chris Walter, Katy Malone, Andrew Cho, InKyong Chun, Katie Coleman, James McConnell, Paul Rodecker, Claire Paul, Bean Summer, Baxter Crane, Preston Snyder, Jessica Orlowski, Don Robson, Travis Smith, Andrea Sanders, Jimmy Alvarez, Marcy Starz, Kelly O'Brien, Beau Torres, Edward Smucgyz, Ed Gonzales, Nikki Grote, Jessica Miller, Mike Devine, Egg Tooth, Ben Goldman and many many more.

MUSIC by the S.I.D.S.
song:+/- (Swstik Heart)
by シド
Rob's House 7"

You can buy my fine art at
or visit mint gallery for special addition DVD's of this video and the actual art used to make the films.
For more information about me visit:



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