A keynote talk by Tom Heath (Talis) from the Triple-I/I-Semantics conference in Graz, Austria in September 2008.

Talk Abstract:

"How will the availability of linked, machine-readable data change the way humans interact with the Web, and what role can existing social processes play in supporting this interaction?

In contrast to the conventional Web, in which documents are designed primarily for human consumption and connected by untyped links, the Semantic Web is one in which data is published in machine-readable form and the nature of connections between related items is made explicit. The transition from a Web of documents to a Web of data lowers the barriers to integration of data from distributed sources, and paves the way for a new generation of applications that can exploit this in order to enhance the user experience.

This talk will demonstrate how the Web of data has moved from vision into reality, question how applications built on this distributed data set may change our mode of interaction with the Web, and examine how the Web of data might allow existing social processes to mitigate spam and information overload."

The talk was recorded by Keith Andrews (iicm.tugraz.at/keith) and is reproduced here with permission.

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