Fossils of ancient bones tells us that a certain species existed - trace fossils tell us what that species was doing while there were here. Trace fossils are, essentially, any trace that life existed.

Trace fossils come in many forms - including trackways, or "footprints in the sand." Fossil footprints that have been preserved millions of years will yield a lifetime of information about the creature: a species' gait, if it traveled in packs or alone, whether babies had maternal care, and much more.

This particular trackway - over 30 feet long and on display in our Archaeopteryx: Icon of Evolution exhibition through Sept. 6, 2010 - is one of paleontologist Pete Larson's favorite fossils because of the extraordinary surprise found at the end of the trackway. He walks you through the significance of this fossil and introduces you to the surprise at the end, in this video.

See the Exhibit:

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