Movie Synopsis: Tob Raboon (Nick Dodson), an investigative reporter, seeks to uncover how two former best friends and current fitness trainers ended up becoming bitter enemies. One of the former best friends, Jimmy Loggins (Jimmy Nguyen), is the ruler of a worldwide fitness empire and the other, Stephen King (Stephen King), is the proprietor of his own small gym. Through interviews and flashbacks, Raboon is able to piece together a complex tale of jealousy, denial, and paranoia that all leads up to an epic showdown. Will the two former best friends reunite or will they let their feud harden into the very logs that may have split them apart in the first place?

Run time: 43 minutes

Written, Directed, and Edited by Jimmy Nguyen

Starring: Stephen King
Jimmy Nguyen
Nick Dodson
Lenah Nguyen
Avis Watts Massenburg
Dwayne J. Massenburg
Linda Suarez
Michael Sheil
Tony Wilson
Sterling August
Ky-Nam Nguyen
Adria Bordas
Angie Delboy

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