This new upload replaces the previous quick audio reactive render to Apache, by The Shadows, a MIDI transcription, mixed down in GarageBand.

The Shadows used to be one of my favourite bands when I was growing up with the family's historically accrued record collection. 60's guitars, Duane Eddy sounds. [Think transistor radios & DJs without nightclubs, just a mike and an audience]

Fed into an OpenCL kernel, basically a Noise kernel written to produce a gradient colour, and thus this image. The constants of this kernel have had the random number series employed altered to be an atmospheric noise number series.

Two such kernels are employed, each with a differing set of constants. One providing the texture input to a GLSL shader, the other providing the image input onto the patches within the shader environment.

The noise kernel inputs are fed peak and spectrum member information. Original gradient colour kernel posted at Some constants within redrafted by cybero.

Image masked to Sphere primitive, SuperGLSL grid & 2 GL Tools Torus primitives.

Dedicated to Apache Tomcat, 10 years old this year, many happy returns to that server and many thanks to its authors.

Expect a visualizer and screensaver sometime soon

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