National Museum of Nature and Science

Swimming amid a swarm of phosphorescent insects in the darkness of the night. The phosphorescent insects glow stimulated by human movements. The swarm of insects has no central control power; each glows on its own judgment. From a distance, a human figure is seen in the sea lit by the swarm of the phosphorescent insects. The “Footsteps” was inspired by such an experience. When stimulated, the “Footsteps” gets excited and glows, and slowly calms down when the stimulation is stopped. Numerous “insects” with this simple mechanism are arranged 2-dimensionally in the “Footsteps”.
The “Footsteps” is always exposed to a special type of infrared ray. When the eye of each “insect” that can see the infrared rays is shielded, the small fluorescent lights become excited. The “Footsteps” consists of 36 units (25 cm x 25cm) comprising 100 pieces in a lattice. In total, 3,600 pieces of artificial phosphorescent insects are embedded under the reinforced glass floor.

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